Although what you are about to see is a work of fiction

it should, nevertheless, be viewed at maximum volume

Con Hoppin'
steam_pilot and I are gearing up for Momocon in Atlanta (March 12-13). After that, this is our tentative schedule...

1. Momocon (march 12-13, Atlanta)
2. Sakura-Con (April 22-24, Seattle)
3. Anime North (May 27-29, Toronto)
4. A-Kon (June 10-12, Dallas)
5.Otakon (July 29-31, Baltimore)
6. New York Anime Fest (October 14-16, NYC)
7. Yaoi-Con (?)

It's gonna be a packed con year and I'm totally looking forward to it! Anyone hitting any of those? It'd be awesome to meet/see some of you again!

I only care about memes when they care about me
You totally expected to see a sad keanu, didn't you? Anyway, I thought this was a nice (appropriately dorky-literary) meme, so bam! I got it from pollums .

The rules: Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen books you've read that will always stick with you. List the first fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes.Wow, a nerd just CUT in front of youCollapse )

It's like leaving a puppy alone in a shoe factory...
Raidou hardcore
This is what happens when I'm home, hating my family, and have no friends to talk to.

Sarah Monette who?Collapse )

Chinese new year comic resolutions
So, I was talking to steam_pilot about my shortcomings as a writer (of which there are excessive amounts, and let's not even talk about me as a person). I hate serious conversations with her because they're always insightful and make me realize I'm a horrible human being. So, I made one New Year's resolution and forced her to make one too. The focus is on our comic creation process.

Did I mention I'm a rabbit? This is my year!Collapse )
Everyone knows resolutions are usually impossible to keep up with when they're personal, so I encourage all the comikers/artists/writers out there to do something related to their trade/passion. It's a lot easier to keep promises about things you like.

EDIT: Along these lines, anyone feel like reading a script? 8D (very excited about wip).

I work hard for nega-money.
Despite what it may seem, I have been working on some new stuff. There's a special one-shot in development, and excerpt from which is:
thisCollapse )

Thus Landon and Ty meet. I don't want to say much yet, but it's much different than anything we've done before and I'm super excited. I hope
steam_pilot  is too. :D

Two keys is rolling along well, too. The first book is going to print soon. It will be dark and noir and art deco and full of detective and dame and quite fantastic. That's all for now. Over n' out!

Our comics on Mangafox
lord of time
steam_pilot and my comics, Two Keys and Honeydew Syndrome are both on Mangafox for your reading enjoyment now. Go read and bookmark <3

What's better than one key? Two Keys.

Get your Honey and a little Syn here.

You call that a crisis? Where are the mutated devil piranha? Come back later.
This cheered me up a bit. This and watching the Kuragehime ending five times. I am obsessed.

I really like this song. The lyrics are a nice pep talk too.

A boy and a janitor....true love.

I'm cleaning house today and finding a lot of old (crappy) stuff. I found a comic script that's about two years old. It's about an imaginative janitor and an annoying high school boy. I don't think it will ever make it to comic form, so if you'd like to see it, here ya go:

Baby, you can ring my (school) bell.Collapse )

HoneySyn- Jay/Odette OTP wait what?
Long, long ago , I was trying to figure out character dynamics in the "Jay group". Coincidentally I also had a creative writing class, with creative writing assignments. I used it to my full advantage. Originally I thought maybe Odette had dated Jay (shuttup). Since HoneySyn is completely done, there's no harm in posting this for the curious.

This is for those people that can't look away from car wrecks. You know who you are.
Cigarettes and guys and girlsCollapse )


 I REALLY hope my writing's matured since then. This reads like a 7th grade drabble fic.

Bite the itch that scratches and it'll fuck with your mother.
So, question, what pisses you off?

I'm not a generally angry person (though I'm getting more pissy as I get older--I'll have 20 cats in no time), but the one thing that gets to me is when I feel like someone I care about is being taken advantage of or wronged. This weird sense of justice for those I care about has recently developed fully the last few years, though it's always been hiding there somewhere behind my nerdy quiet bookishness.

Also, video ads on internet sites. Nothing ruins yaoi-reading mood like a commercial for Lysol. BOY DO I HATE THOSE.

So what really chews on your boner?

And, in more happy matters, have a piece of trivia for the day:



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