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Although what you are about to see is a work of fiction

it should, nevertheless, be viewed at maximum volume

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reading list
I've decided that, before I buy any more books, I'm going to read the ones I have in my bookcase that have been sitting there, half-read or unstarted.

1. The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao Finished last night.
2. A Private Hotel for Gentle Ladies Finished this morning
3. The Non-Existant Knight and the Cloven Viscount- Calvino
4. The Master & Marguerita- Bulgakov
5. Philosophy in the Boudoir- Marquis de Sade
6. Closing Time- Heller
7. Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrel (I've had this one for YEARS but it intimidates me)
8. Devil in the White City (on loan to someone else right now)
9. Assasin's Creed novel (a gift from mum >>)