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Although what you are about to see is a work of fiction

it should, nevertheless, be viewed at maximum volume

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So today I was going to walk to the post office, but my mom spotted me and it went something like this


And so I had to go grocery shopping instead.  I've been reading too much Yukikaze. So let me talk about it.

Yukikaze is a novel (that now has a sequel) that was adapted into an awesome anime called Sentou Yousei Yukikaze (Just Yukikaze in North America). Tada Yumi did the character concept art, which just makes it That Much Better (she also did a short backstory manga for it). Plus, it's slashy as all hell. So when I learned the novel was being translated, I had it on my wish list ASAP.....for months. Finally bought it two days ago and it's awesome. There's a ton of technical jargon, but I got used to it really quickly and it just shows how much Chohei did his research. The dude knows a shitton about fighter jets and planes, that's for sure. So what's it about? 

In the future, a tear in the continuum occurs in Antarctica, and aliens known as the JAM try to assault Earth through it. Humans manage to push them back through and establish a base on the other side of the rip, on the planet known as Faery. There, hundreds of people are fighting a war that people on Earth are beginning to forget exists. The fighter pilots are in constant airborn warfare--only no one really knows what they're fighting. The "JAM" attack with jets, but no one's ever actually seen one of them. In order to gather data on the JAM and their warfare, a special unit was made--the SAF. The SAF's only job is to observe battles-they are not allowed to interfere in anyway-not even to save their comrades. Their mission is to return safe with data. In order to do this job, only very select pilots and EOW's are chosen for the unit. Specifically people that would normally be called "heartless" and even border on acting as machines themselves.

The book is really interesting in that it sets up a premise for a war where humans are not necessary. So far, I don't know what the JAM are, but the JAM apparently do not register human beings--instead they're fighting the technology of human beings. Basically, humans are fighting a war against something they can't see and don't understand, and it doesn't even know they're there.

Creepy shit.

If you like Ender's Game, think of this as a more mature version. Go read it. Then watch the anime. AWESOME ANIMATION for something that's like five years old. :D