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Although what you are about to see is a work of fiction

it should, nevertheless, be viewed at maximum volume

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Intelligent Conversations and Deep Thoughts
schumie: you know, the hedgehog dilemma

Nuu: ...hedgehogs have a dilemma?
you mean the fact that people think hedgehogs are blue and spin really fast?
before you know it you  have no flipping clue what a real hedgehog looks like
cause it's not something you see day to day unless you own one
and the only hedgehog in pop culture looks like a sarcastic shark
schumie: ..............
the hedgehog's dilemma is that they want to be close to other creatures or hedgehogs but when they get close they stick them
Nuu: that's ridiculous
who needs to be close to other creatures when you can spin realy fast
schumie .....they use gold rings. Golden cock rings.

Some day, I'm going to collect all of our conversations and put them in a book, title pending. On another note, sudden journal spamming, I am sorry.

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This make my icon really hilarious.

but hedgehogs are kind of the best creatures ever.

hedgehog's dilemma... stay with me for a moment before you completely cast me out into the room with the other losers, but i can only think of the evangelion episode when that phrase comes up ;___; shinjiiiiiiiiii!!

OH MAN, is that where it's from? I was telling Nuu that I saw it on some anime, but I couldn't remember which. Odd, since I've only seen like four eps of Evangelion and it was like 8 years ago. Heheh.

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