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Although what you are about to see is a work of fiction

it should, nevertheless, be viewed at maximum volume

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Two Keys Volume 1 order online!
steam_pilot 's and my comic, Two Keys (volume 1) is now available to order online! You can grab it HERE <3

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ohhh how many pages is compiled in this?? Will you have it for AN O3O??

The book is about 150 pages. It has the first seven chapters in it with some bonus comics and stuff :) Assuming we go to AN, we'll definitely have it. I really hope we can make it. It'd be awesome to finally meet you and not be a creeper.

Nice, I hope you guys can make it to AN!! Then I can touch all the books on your tableeee mmm yesssssss
Did you guys apply for a comic market table or...?

You're not creeper enough to creep me out hurhurhur *MUCH HIGHER LEVEL CREEP*
I want to go to NY some time since I've never been there!


Uh, we actually applied to be guests and they gave us a "maybe" and haven't responded, so...I guess if they don't take us as guests it's too late ;__;

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